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This is the top page of the WEB site "Medical Knowledge for your daily life." The shortened form of this site is written as "MK".

 [MK : Medical Knowledge for your daily life]

As anybody knows, people can live a meaningful life if they are physically and mentally healthy.

MK provides a wealth of information on the medical terms that people may encounter in their daily lives. The mission of this site is to explain all kinds of knowledge related to medical issues.

This site is a huge site related to health and medical care, and has 9 basic categories. The site will consist of a PC version and a mobile version, and will eventually contain about 2,000 pages of information in total.

There are nine important categories of MK, as shown below. At the top of this page, which is the top page of the site, there are command buttons for each category.

Currently only the categories "PHYSICAL ILLNESS" and "SITE INFORMATION" are active. Details for other categories highlighted in gray do not yet active.

Although there is not displayed at this time, in the future a special page called "Special Event Space" may be displayed.

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The WEB author considers that the most important categories are [Physical Illness] and [Mental Illness].

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This website is created by only one old man, so there may be some restrictions or errors. However, the author is confident that the information on the site will be useful to those who need to know about illnesses, medical methods, medicine and more.

If you have any questions about your health or illness, you will find the right page on this site. If you have a healthy body and a healthy mind, you can live a peaceful life. If you have any symptoms to be worried about, the MK will help you to solve your problem.

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Detailed information on the disease

We deal with a large number of illnesses such as physical illnesses and mental illnesses, and provide detailed information on each illness in the following format for each illness name.

  • Overview
  • Symptom
  • Cause
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

It may be inconvenient if the explanations for both the PC version and the smartphone version are long.

For example, if you want to see the explanation of "cause" in a hurry, a quick look button will be displayed so that you can skip the explanation of "overview" and "symptom" and move directly to the explanation part of "cause".

The same format for each of the PC version and smartphone version, the quick look buttons are as follows

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Category Overview
Physical Illness

Physical illnesses include brain and heart ailments, respiratory and digestive illnesses, endocrine, kidney and bone illnesses.

While cerebrovascular disease, heart disease and pneumonia are decreasing, the number of deaths from malignant neoplasms such as cancer is increasing.

Mental Illness

Mental illness is triggered by family environment, trauma that drags previous events, complex, stress such as interpersonal relationships, overwork, and lack of sleep.

No human being is in perfect mental condition, so if some adverse conditions are combined, anyone will suffer from a mental illness. Since mental illness is also a so-called "illness", it can be improved and completely cured by treatment.

Medical Technology

When a person gets sick or injured, medical treatment is to relieve the pain and treat it. Occasionally, some of your physical functions may be damaged or lost.

Various tools, diagnostic equipment, and surgical methods have been devised for medical activities, and there are many treatment methods.

In the "Medical Technology" section, you will study knowledge and techniques used in diagnosis and treatment, anesthesia, surgery, and emergency.


There are two types of drugs: over-the-counter drugs that anyone can buy, and prescription drugs that cannot be bought without a doctor's prescription.

What is the difference between over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, and Chinese herbs, and how do they work? What are the hottest generic drugs these days?

Why does the drug work? In the "Pharmaceuticals" section, you can study the characteristics and usage of such drugs.

In the "Medicines" section, you can study the characteristics and usage of such drugs.

Health Promotion

Nowadays, it is necessary to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, which are a big problem, and reduce the number of deaths in the middle-aged.

In the "Health Promotion" section, you will learn more about health measurement, knowledge of nutrients, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, the effects of rest, health promotion equipment, and aromatherapy.


Recently, many people are concerned about their health, trying health foods and supplements, and doing easy exercises.

In the "Nutrition" section, you will learn about basic nutrients, six basic nutritional ingredients, food groups, and the actions of all nutritional ingredients that are useful for health management and health.


Maintaining good health is very important to survive the stressful modern times. Health foods and supplements are also essential to survive in today's polluted world.

However, the reality is that many health foods and supplements have been flooded recently and we do not know which one to use. There is also a significant flood of false information. In the "health food" section, we will research health foods and supplements that you can take with confidence.


For every woman, eternal desire or eternal trouble is the beauty of the whole body that lasts until the end of life, and it is "whole body cosmetology" that realizes this.

There are many methods for whole body cosmetology, but the most notable are plastic surgery, slimming (diet), facial cosmetology, and physical cosmetology (non-face cosmetology).

Site Information

SITE INFORMATION category explains about common knowledge of the site such as FAQ, Sitemap, Contact, Author, and etc..

In MK, there are 9 significant master categories as shown below including "SITE INFORMATION" category.